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Code of Ethics

investigace.cz’s code of ethics is based on the journalistic codes of ethics of the American Society of Newspaper Editors, the Czech Syndicate of Journalists and the Press Council of Ireland.

Our Pledge to You:

The Czech Center for Investigative Journalism/investigace.cz gathers and distributes information and opinions with the primary aim of serving the public good by keeping the people informed. Our goal is to enable the public to make judgments about events that are of public interest. We will not abuse the power of our professional role for selfish or dishonorable motives. We will not betray the trust of the public. We will bring unbiased scrutiny to powerful groups and individuals in our society, including the conduct of those in positions of power at all levels of government.

  • We will watch over public affairs to ensure that they are conducted openly and above board. We will be vigilant to hold accountable anyone who may want to abuse the press for his own ulterior motives.
  • We will strive to avoid dishonesty or even the appearance of dishonesty as well as any conflict of interest or the appearance thereof. We will not accept anything that may compromise or appear to compromise our integrity.
  • Transparency to our readers is the foundation of all our work. We will make every effort to ensure that the content of our reporting is accurate, unbiased and presented in the appropriate context, in order that all sides of the issue may be presented fairly. Factual errors as well as errors of omission will be promptly and prominently corrected.  
  • We will respect the rights of the people involved in the news. We will observe the common standards of decency and will be accountable to the public for the fairness and accuracy of our reporting.  Unless there is a clear and pressing need for the confidentiality of our source, we will identify our sources of information.
  • We will bear personal responsibility for all published information.
  • We will not abuse our professional influence for advertising revenue. We will reject any involvement in covert advertisement.  
  • We will not accept financial compensation or gifts from any entities who may try to influence our work (e.g. public administration, state authorities, power structures, individuals with suspicious sources of wealth, etc.).
  • We will not practice plagiarism.
  • We will protect our sources of information at all costs.
  • We will make every effort to ensure that our court reports (including the use of images) are fair and accurate, do not compromise the right to a fair trial and respect the presumption of innocence.
  • Public persons are entitled to privacy. However, when a person holds public office, is involved in public affairs, has a public career, or has sought or obtained publicity for his activities, the publication of relevant details of his private life and circumstances may be justifiable when the information disclosed is relevant to the person’s public conduct, the credibility of his public statements or the value of his publicly expressed views.
  • We will not obtain information, photographs or other material through misrepresentation or subterfuge, unless justified by the public’s interest.
  • We will not knowingly publish reports based on malicious misrepresentation or unfounded accusations. We will check facts multiple times before publication.
  • We will respect the privacy and sensibilities of individual persons. However, we believe that the right to privacy is not applicable to the publication of matters of public record or in the public interest.