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Investigations: Influence and Impact

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Some of our stories have provoked actions by public authorities and helped to identify perpetrators of organized crime.


Stopping arbitration against the Czech Republic

During research of documents in the Panama Papers investigation in 2016 investigace.cz team found out that the Czech billionaire Petr Speychal unlawfully asserted the compensation of 30,000,000 Eur in damages by the Czech Republic to a foreign investor. Thanks to investigace.cz’s findings the unlawful arbitration was stopped. Petr Speychal is currently under investigation by the Czech authorities for suspected tax evasion and participation in organized crime.

Resignation of the Macedonian Secret Police Chief, Saso Mijalkov

investigace.cz cooperated with the Macedonian journalist Saska Cvetkovska in 2014 researching  investments by then Chief of Macedonian Secret Police Saso Mijalkov in the Czech Republic. The amounts of his investments were considerably higher than his income of a public official.The story shone the light on a broader problem of financial crime among public officials in Macedonia. Following the revelation Mijalkov stepped down and shortly thereafter the Macedonian government resigned. Mijalkov is currently accused by Macedonian authorities of fraud as well as corruption and torture.


Investigation into business transactions of Jaroslav Strnad

Arms supplier and main campaign financier of the Czech president Milos Zeman, Jaroslav Strnad, was reselling old ammunition to embargoed countries including Azerbaijan and Syria. In a response to these findings NATO launched an investigation into business of Jaroslav Strnad as sale of arms to Syria is in conflict with the NATO ally treaties.