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Pavla Holcová

Founder and Director

Pavla is an investigative journalist and the founder of investigace.cz. She was invited to take part in the global investigation of the Panama Papers—the only journalist from the Czech Republic to do so—for which the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists won the Pulitzer Prize.

She has previously worked with Azerbaijani journalist Khadija Ismailova on a series of articles highlighting the illegal business activities of the Azerbaijani president and his relatives. For this exposé, both journalists received the Global Shining Light Award.

Together with the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) and the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), she mapped billions of arms supplied to the conflict in Syria. Along with her colleagues, she was awarded the Serbian Prize for Investigative Journalism for their excellent work on this story.

Collaborating with Macedonian journalist Saška Cvetkovska, she revealed the secret investments of the former chief of the Macedonian secret service, Saso Mialkova. As a result of these and other related disclosures, Mialkov was forced to resign, leading to the fall of the Macedonian government. The journalists jointly won the European Union’s Investigative Journalism Award for their work on this case.

In November 2016, Pavla was selected as one of a hundred New Europe change-makers, people changing Central and Eastern Europe for the better. In 2018, she was selected for the European Young Leaders initiative. Prior to founding investigace.cz, Pavla worked for six years as the head of the Cuban division of People in Need.


Hana Čápová


Hana has worked in investigace.cz as a reporter since summer 2019. She joined from the Czech weekly Respekt where she worked with intermissions in other major Czech media since 1998. Hana’s main focus was previously domestic politics, economy and social issues. She was nominated for the Czech Journalism Awards multiple times, including for the stories: “Natálka In The Land Without Mirrors” (A reportage about the life of a Roma girl and her family three years after a racist arson attack on them.), “Flight Over The Vrchlabí Nest” (An investigation into why a healthy man died in a hospital owned by the Czech politician Vladimir Dryml.), “Mr Mirror Must Pay” (Story of a man who owed hundreds of thousands Czk to lawyers and debt collectors for events that never happened.) and “Take The Bait And Pay!” (An analysis of how debt collection became profitable business.). She was awarded an honourable mention in journalism competition for the article “Czech Hell” about the life of gastarbeiters in the Czech Republic.



Jaroslav Formánek


Jaroslav has worked in investigace.cz since fall 2018 as the web’s editor. He had studied and lived part of his life in France. At the time he was a long term collaborator of the Czech weekly Respekt and BBC Czech for both of which he contributed political and cultural news from France. Upon his return to the Czech Republic he cooperated with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Czech Radio, the Lidové noviny daily and the magazines Revolver revue, Babylon, Prostor, Host and Paměť a dějiny. He carried out an analysis of news coverage for the Czech Television. He is also a fiction author and co-author of a book on Czechoslovaks in the Gulag forced labour camps. He is also a part time collaborator of the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes. 

Eva Kubániová


Eva Kubániová has been a member of the team since the beginning of investigace.cz.  She carried out journalistic research of Marian Kočner and the events leading to Jan Kuciak and Martina Kušnírová´s murder. She has reported on the court trial of the suspects in that case. She won two Slovak journalistic awards for the timeline of the relationship between Kuciak and Kočner. She is also the coordinator of investigace.cz’s partnership project with investigative centers from the Visegrad countries and has worked on crossborder stories concerning the International Investment Bank and misuse of public funds for advertising.


Lukáš Nechvátal


Lukáš joined investigace.cz in autumn 2016 as an intern and worked his way up to become a reporter. He is currently completing his journalism degree at the Charles University in Prague. Already in 2016 he collaborated on stories about powerful and rich Armenians investing in the Czech Republic and Armenian criminals hiding in Czechia from prosecution. The latter was later republished by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting network. Recently Lukáš has specialized in stories about cyber crime such as the Scam 419 and the Fraud Factory.

Nikola Klepáčková

PR and marketing

nikola klepáčková

Nikola joined investigace.cz in January 2020. She is responsible for external communication, marketing activities, podcasts and investigace.cz community management. Before she moved to Prague, she had studied at the Masaryk University in Brno and had worked for IT company as a marketing specialist. During her studies she also worked in the student organization AIESEC as the head of volunteering projects in Brno.

Veronika Divišová


Veronika joined us in May 2018 after six years with the NGO Sourcefabric, where she focused on the link between digital technologies and journalism, as well as the issue of the financial sustainability of digital media. She had previously worked for the Czech NGO People in Need in its international humanitarian and development aid sector.


Jan Tlapák

IT Support

Jan has been with investigace.cz since the beginning, helping to get our website up and running and keeping it that way.

Lenka Matoušková

Graphic Designer

Lenka has worked with investigace.cz since its establishment and has helped to craft its visual aesthetic. She also creates illustrations for our stories.